Do not underestimate the value of Snow Guards in a snowy season. Install Zaleski Snow Guards for rooftop protection, to reduce liability in pedestrian injuries, and to preserve your gutters. The major benefits of snow guards on commercial and municipal buildings are clearly in improved safety. When there has been a very heavy snowfall, roofing that is protected by Snow Guards is held safely in place. Snow sheets on an unprotected roof may be released in a heavy sheet, taking your gutters down and damaging whatever is beneath the eaves.

Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs are a heavy duty product. When correctly installed, our product provides superior rooftop snow protection. The first step in roof avalanche prevention is to install heavy duty Zaleski Snow Guards. They are affixed to the roofing material evenly over the surface of your roof material in staggered rows. The protuberances grab the heavy sheet of snow, stabilizing the sheet, keeping it in place. The snow is held in place as it begins to melt, breaking the sheet into small pieces.

Snow guards protect people, pets, plants, sidewalks, and entrances. No longer witness snow sheets sliding from your rooftop. With our Snow Guards in place, you avoid the Liability issues of snow and ice falling from your roof and injuring someone standing nearby.

There are different models and styles of snow guards on the market. We believe Zaleski Snow Guards are the best quality tools on the market offering rooftop snow protection. Our convenient online store has everything you need to install snow guards. If you are a roofing contractor, we would love to hear from you. To learn more about Zaleski Snow Guards, please call us at 860-225-1614.


Value of Snow Guards | Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs