Install heavy-duty Zaleski Snow-Guards for rooftop ice sheet prevention. Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs, Inc. is a leading commercial/municipal snow guard vendor. Manufactured in the USA, Zaleski snow guards provide protection from avalanching snow and other rooftop hazards. The purpose of installing snow guards on the roof of a commercial building is to trap heavy snow to prevent a heavy sheet of packed snow from falling off your building. Snow guards which are evenly distributed over the roof's surface are very effective at retaining snow in an even blanket. Stabilizing the snow pack on the roof of a commercial building prevents accidents where sidewalks or doorways are located.

When there are periods of heavy snow followed by milder temperatures, intermittent melting and freezing can form a sheet of ice. When your roof is pitched, a sheet of ice and snow can suddenly let go. Your gutters can be damaged, and any structures, plants or pedestrians beneath the avalanche will be damaged or injured.

Zaleski Snow Guards prevent injury, keep the perimeter of your commercial building safe from sliding sheets of snow. We believe our heavy-duty polycarbonate snow guards are the best on the market. If you are a contractor, we would love to hear from you. Zaleski Snow Guards are available for a myriad of roof types: Metal, Slate, Asphalt, Tile, Rubber, Glass, TPO and PVC. For convenience, online ordering is available. Call 860-225-1614 for information.


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