In residential and commercial buildings covered with snow, roof guards prevent avalanching. Installing roof guards, or 'snow guards', protects the perimeter of your building from a sudden release of snowpack. In schools, professional buildings, town offices, churches and other public buildings, snow guards protect people, pets and plants from harm.

Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs, Inc. is a major vendor for premium Roof Guards and accessories. Our company supplies American made polycarbonate and metal roof guards to architects, contractors and roofers. Zaleski snow guards are strong. The clear 'plastic' model is stronger than bullet-proof glass, and resists breakdown due to ultraviolet radiation.

When it comes to roof protection, Snow Guards are suitable for all roof types. Whether you have landscaping around your building that you want to protect, or you want to prevent snowfall from harming people of pets near an overhang, call us today. Zaleski Snow Guards are highly effective, low profile, unobtrusive and affordable. Our snow guards are manufactured in America. Call today: 860-225-1614.

Roof Guards Prevent Avalanching | Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs, Inc.