There is no doubt that you will protect your home value with snow guards. It only takes one heavy snowfall to damage your rooftop, your gutters, or the property underneath your eaves. When you have a buildup of snow and ice on your roof, gutter damage can occur as the heavy sheet of material slides off the roof. When the load becomes heavy enough, roof collapse is possible. In municipal and commercial rooftops, falling snow and ice sheets and avalanches can hurt people.

With a Zaleski roof guard installation, your rooftop, gutters and property are protected. Your potential for pedestrian or property damage decreases considerably with roof guards. Zaleski Snow Guards prevent injury, keep the perimeter of your commercial building safe from sliding sheets of snow. We believe our heavy-duty polycarbonate snow guards are the best on the market. If you are a contractor, we would love to hear from you. Zaleski Snow Guards are available for a myriad of roof types: Metal, Slate, Asphalt, Tile, Rubber, Glass, TPO and PVC. For convenience, online ordering is available. Call 860-225-1614 for information.


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