In the interest of public safety, it is prudent to prevent gutter icicles with Snow Guards. Commercial  and municipal buildings can eliminate the hazards associated with huge icicle formations from melting rooftop snowpack. Not every roof will need snow guards. The installation of snow guards on new or existing rooftops protects sloped roof buildings with pedestrian traffic. Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs, Inc. has heavy duty snow guards for all types of roofing, even on glass skylights. Snow Guards are a wise investment. Correctly installed, snow guards allow rooftop snowpack to melt gradually.  Zaleski snow guards are installed throughout the roof, to stabilize the snow sheet and prevent it from letting go in an avalanche effect. Snow Guards can help prevent long, dangerous icicle formation, which may damage your roofing as well as your gutters.

Durable Zaleski snow guards are manufactured for every type of roof available: metal, asphalt, glass, pvc, rubber, slate, tile and tpo. The American made snow guards sold on this website are unbreakable, very effective, and affordable to install. For residential buildings, private homes, condominiums, commercial businesses, schools and academies, marketplaces, and municipal buildings, our snow guards are the best on the market. We are confident that our product holds up to the heaviest snowfalls, protecting your property, your landscaping, and your occupants. Give us a call today for more information: 860-225-1614.


Prevent Gutter Icicles with Snow Guards | Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs, Inc.