We are often asked to explain exactly how snow guards work to prevent sheets of snow from sliding off a roof. We are Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs, Inc. Snow and ice that accumulates on a sloped roof can be dangerous. A rise in temperature and heat generated by the building can raise the temperature of the snow.  When melting begins, a film of water develops between the snow and the roof's surface. The water lubricates the snow and ice and can cause a quick release.

When snow guards are in place on a sloped roof, they hold the ice and snow on the roof. When the snow starts to slip, snow guards hold the sheet back so it cannot be released quickly. We recommend Zaleski snow guards for snowy climates. Public buildings with steeply pitched roofing are perfectly suited for our sturdy snow guards. Commercial buildings, municipal office buildings, museums, libraries and churches are likely to have steep roofing. Areas of the country that receive heavy snowfall are well aware of the dangers of avalanching snow releases from rooftops. It is prudent to install snow guards to reduce damage and liability associated with falling sheets of snow and ice.

Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs are a heavy duty product offering superior rooftop snow protection. Snow guards evenly distribute the weight of snow and ice and help protect against damage. Snow guards are most effective when they are installed evenly over the surface of the roof material. The protuberances grab the heavy sheet of snow, stabilizing the sheet, keeping it in place. Snow guards protect people, pets, plants, sidewalks, and entrances from snow sheets sliding from a rooftop.

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There are different models and styles of snow guards on the market. We believe Zaleski Snow Guards are the best quality tools on the market offering rooftop snow protection. Our convenient online store has everything you need to install snow guards. If you are a roofing contractor, we would love to hear from you. To learn more about Zaleski Snow Guards, please call us at 860-225-1614.


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